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I started Active Apprentice with a view to offering the engineering, fabrication and RAC industries something different than the current options available.

I have been quite happy with how well Active Apprentice has been received by Industry considering this is only year two of her existence.


After 14 years in managing apprenticeships in NZ and with the announcement by government of confirmed changes, I too am at a crossroads as to where to from here.

I will continue to assist my current clients with their apprentices as they complete their qualifications. I also plan to monitor as things progress over the next year or two to determine if there is indeed scope to continue with the model.

I would really like the opportunity to present our service to as many companies as possible, so that I can make an accurate assessment if it is sustainable.

With that been said, please fill out the below form if you wish for me to touch base and have a chat.

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